7 Computer Games You Can Still Play on Your Radioshack Tandy

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Nothing evokes the 80s quite like the RadioShack TRS-80 Color Computer. Marketed as the Tandy Color Computer, it was known fondly as the CoCo and sold by the Tandy Corporation. Over the decades, its Tandy computer games have become the stuff of legend.

Although it shared a name with earlier versions of the TRS-80, the similarities stopped there. The Tandy TRS-80 represented a radical departure from previous models. Instead of a Zilog Z80, it featured a Motorola 6809E processor. 

Like Commodore International computers and early Apple machines, Tandy was among the companies that began the personal computer revolution. The TRS-80 and TRS-80 Color Computer were the products that put them on the map. 

If you’ve got  this vintage computer lying around, you may be wondering which computer games you can still play on it. Here’s our breakdown of seven games you can play now on your RadioShack Tandy relic.

1. Arkanoid

Originally released on December 26, 1984, Arkanoid took the 20th-century gaming world by storm. Best described as a science fiction variant of Breakout, it introduced power-ups and enemies to the format. 

Developed by Taito for the arcade, it enjoyed wide success on a multitude of home systems. Recommended for players 15+, it’ll bring back plenty of awesome memories from everyone’s favorite decade.

2. Mickey’s Space Adventure

For children of the last century, few games hold more nostalgia than Mickey’s Space Adventure. Featuring a quest story line, it showcases Mickey and Pluto. Both beloved characters are on a journey to retrieve an alien civilization’s history through lost crystals.

These crystals are housed on different planets in the solar system. This educational adventure continues to thrill audiences and is suitable for kids, but you’ll also enjoy this blast from the past.

3. Color Space Invaders

Does any game bring back better memories than Space Invaders? The color version released in 1982 was the first commercial version for home release. 

You can still play it today, making you feel like you’re the protagonist of The Last Starfighter. If you didn’t get that last reference, you may be too young for this game. That said, its simple yet addictive format is sure to win new converts, too.

4.  Bedlam

Bedlam remains just as dark and edgy today as it was back in 1982 when it first got released. A video game version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, this text adventure was created for TRS-80 CoCo and TRS-80.

Set in an insane asylum, it features a bizarre cast of inmates who believe they’re Merlin, Picasso, and Houdini. This unsettling game remains a one-of-a-kind antique of the 1980s past.  

5. Eliza

Long before there was Alexxa or Siri, CoCo gave us Eliza. This bizarre game features a simulation designed to imitate conversations with an actual psychotherapist. And it dates to 1978!

Between this game and Bedlam, you’ll be scratching your head about the obsession with mental health in early personal computer games. That said, if you’ve ever played either of these games, you’ll enjoy the walk down memory lane.

6. Pinball

I could write a whole article about the history of pinball video games. After all, there’s a colorful and storied history. One of the first remains Pinball released in 1980.

This pinball simulator was designed for the TRS-80 CoCo, and it provides the full technicolor late 20th-century take on arcade-style computer games. Before you know it, you’ll be channeling Tron.

7. Dino Wars

Today, we have Info Wars, but back in the 1980s, it was all about Dino Wars, This one-on-one fighter sets two tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs against each other.

These dinos fought in a vicious battle against one another until one player comes out victorious. First released in 1980, its graphics are far from impressive. But if you remain a fan of the CoCo, this is a must-have addition to your computer game collection.

Tandy TRS-80 Honorable Mentions

What are some other fun games you can still play on your Tandy TRS-80? We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention oldies but goodies like Football, which debuted in 1980. 

There’s also Mega-Bug from 1982, a fun twist on maze games featuring plenty of creepy crawlies. And nothing says 80s fun like Dungeons of Daggorath.

Created in 1982, this dungeon crawler game remains one of the first real-time, first-person role-playing games. One of the first games for home computer in 3D, make sure you have bi-colored glasses at the ready.

And Don’t Forget About These Tandy TRS-80 Favorites

Besides our honorable mentions, you should check out Demon Attack. This game from 1982 is your ultimate shoot-em-up from Imagic. You’ve also got to get your hands on a copy of Buzzard Bait.

Originally released in 1983, Buzzard Bait is an arcade game variant of Joust. It was developed by Rugby Circle Inc. and published for the Tandy TRS-80 and the Dragon 32/64 systems. 

If you want to channel that Jumanji vibe, don’t forget to check out Super Pitfall. Released in 1986, this action-adventure game is very reminiscent of Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. 

No matter which of these games you choose to play, you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled Back to the Future. These games represent the perfect excuse for a party, and here are some tips to do it safely in the COVID-19 era.

Ready for Your Blast From the Past?

Whether you start with Space Invaders, Buzzard Bait, or Pinball, you’re in for the ultimate night of retro gaming fun. So, invite your friends over and get ready for nostalgic fun.

After all, true gamers appreciate the originals, and there’s no better way to illustrate how far technology has come than by revisiting games from the medium-distance past. 

Are you ready for more retro gaming content? Keep reading to learn about the seven best 8-bit games of all time. 

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