A Community for Retro Computer Enthusiasts

The famous quote, “out with the old, in with the new” is not something that retro computer enthusiasts live by. While the times we currently live in are loaded with technological innovations, these retro enthusiasts, or retrothusiasts for short, are far more excited about vintage computers than the latest MacBook Pro.

Vintage computers from Commodore, Atari, and Apple have recently made a big comeback, much to the delight of retro enthusiasts. From an outsider’s perspective, one may think there would be no market for these products, what with the ultra-high-resolution video games and modern computers being released almost every month, but that is not the case at all. As it turns out, computers and consoles released in the 1970s and 1980s are still very much in demand, and commanding top dollar.

Keeping the Retro Movement Alive

Retro games (yes, the ones that have chunky pixel-based graphics and polyphonic music) and vintage computers continue to grow in popularity. If you do a quick search on eBay, you will see hundreds of sellers of these classic devices. They cannot hold a candle to the technology that today’s computers and consoles have, but they can rake in just as much money as them. The fact that a huge (and we mean, HUGE) number of people continue to express interest and willingness to invest prove that there’s more to these timeless gems than meets the eye.

One of the reasons being, is the sense of nostalgia. Anyone who’s spent most of their childhood using these computers will agree that users forge relationships with the hardware just as well as the games that play on them. Then there’s the element of simplicity. A lot of features in modern computers are not available in retro computers, but enthusiasts are not bothered by it. In fact, they see it as a challenge that they are more than willing to take on. Interestingly, these limitations are usually a main selling point for retro enthusiasts, making it possible to know and understand the computer at a deeper level.

As more people expressed interest in owning retro computers, companies began exploring the possibility of reviving them. After seeing how these products performed in the market, other companies followed suit. In line with the revival of retro computers and consoles, product resource sites, and software have also been rolling in to support them. This is a good thing, since it aids in keeping the retro movement alive. However, as awesome as these products are, some retro computer lovers don’t have a one-stop-shop to find these great products and information. That is where we come in.

Who We Are

Retrothusiast is an online community for retro computer lovers such as ourselves. We have seen how fragmented the information is about retro computers, so we build this retro resource site. The intention behind it being, to pull in all resources that would be of great value to anyone wanting to find more information about vintage computers, software and accessories into one place. Not everyone has the luxury of time to browse through countless pages to get their questions answered, so we figured creating a one-stop-shop would be a wonderful contribution to the community.

We also know how much work goes into reviving retro computers and creating products, software, and resource sites that support them. We deem it necessary to help boost their visibility in the world of retro enthusiasts, so we included information about them on our website. You’ll see them as you explore the pages of our site. We are committed to helping them succeed because we believe that their success could possibly pave the way for revivals of more retro computers in the years to come.

You will find various links on our website, each of which will take you to pages that contain product highlights, how to’s, and a comprehensive resource directory of websites, books, hardware, and software. While these links are accessible from our homepage, signing up for a membership will allow you to access our forum, where you can connect with fellow retrothusiasts.

Our community is a venue for members to link up, ask questions, and engage in discussions about retro computers and consoles. These conversations are quite helpful, especially if you are just getting started in (re)exploring retro computers. Aside from interacting with the awesome people in our community, members can also submit their own links so we can put it up on our directory. They will also receive notifications each time we post updates on the website. Be sure to sign up so you do not miss out!