7 Awesome Horror-Themed Apple II Games You Should Enjoy This Fall

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Are you looking forward to Halloween? 

Halloween always holds a special place in the hearts of many people. it’s a time where kids get together and spread the joy as they go house to house. With how the pandemic is affecting Halloween, though, it’s better to stay safe and think of other ways to celebrate.

What better way to do this than by playing old horror games on the classic Apple II? Apple II games were always harder due to the limitations of hardware back in the day. Their graphics also encourage us to use our imaginations to create images that even the best looking games of today can’t match.

These elements work well with horror games to deliver an experience unlike any other. Want to know which horror games are a great fit for the season? Read on and play these classic horror games now.

1. Alien Syndrome

Alien Syndrome is a top-down game where you find yourself fighting for your life in a laboratory filled with experiments that broke out. You choose between two characters, Ricky and Mary, and control them as you slog through eight levels of aliens to rescue any survivors in the facility.

Once you rescue all the hostages on the level, the path to the next one opens up for you. Don’t let your guard down, though, a guardian stands between you and the exit each level.

While it’s not as dark and gritty as most horror games, the design for each monster in the game is something to behold. The grotesque guardians are sure to send a chill down your spine.

2. Transylvania

Transylvania was among the first Apple II games to have sequels on the platform. The first game takes you on a text-based journey to rescue Princess Sabrina after a vampire captures her. You’re under tons of pressure as the game tells you that the princess dies at dawn, giving you a time limit to finish the game.

Each action you do in the game will take some time off of the game’s built-in timer. With a werewolf, goblin, and witch to worry about, you need to handle them as fast as you can if you want to save the princess.

In the sequel, Princess Sabrina is now a fledgling magician. She uses her magic to help you fight off another magical vampire in the game. Prince Erik is another character that you meet in the game, and also helps you defeat the vampire.

3. Mystery House

Another text-based adventure horror game on the Apple II computer, Mystery House takes you to an abandoned Victorian-era home. Upon entering the house, though, all isn’t as abandoned as it seems. Seven people come to greet you, and your character notes important details about them.

The game begins when, one by one, the people who greeted you begin to die. You’re then tasked to find out who the killer is before the next victim dies.

You can feel the tension as you move from room to room to find out what you can about the killer. You never know if you’re the next victim if you happen in the wrong room at the wrong time. The simple graphics that the game has helps sell the narrative and tone of an abandoned house, too.

4. Aliens: The Computer Game

What list would be complete without mentioning the best horror movie of the time, Aliens? The game starts off with a briefing of your mission to visit an abandoned spacecraft. You along with seven other crew members prep your equipment, travel through space, and dock on the ship.

Once inside, you all split up to search the ship. The horror starts as you see the life signatures of your crewmates disappear on the screen. You also have a motion detector that tells you something is right in front of you as you explore the ship.

The game culminates in a fight against the Queen Alien herself. Only when you defeat her will you be able to escape this nightmare in space.

5. The Lurking Horror

If you want a game that has a slow start, The Lurking Horror is perfect for you. The game begins with you getting introduced to your character. You’re trying to finish your paper before the term ends.

The game sets the narrative and story well during the first stages. As you progress, things start to turn for the worse as you find yourself encountering demons and zombies in the university.

You then find a link to the supernatural happenings to the recent death on the campus. It then becomes your job to stop these sinister forces from coming up and taking over the school.

6. Uninvited

In this game, you come to after finding yourself in a car crash. The only thing of note is the large mansion you ended up in front of, and that your younger sibling is no longer with you. This prompts you to search the mansion for your sibling and for help.

Once you enter the mansion, though, it’s clear that supernatural things are happening. The first face you see in the mansion is that of an undead dweller. It’s up to you to find your way around these horrors and rescue your brother. Only then can you escape from this horrifying mansion.

7. Doom

If you want more action, then Doom is the best choice for you. The original game of the franchise allows you to enter hell to exterminate all the demons residing in it. The action is non-stop as more enemies try and take you down.

With the arsenal of weapons at your disposal, though, this is more challenging for them than it is for you. You will find the screen filled with scattered demon parts before they have the chance to dispose of you.

If you find that the game doesn’t feel right on the Apple II keyboard, you can always port a controller. What’s great is that a retro wireless controller is now available to use for gaming.

Check Out These Horror Apple II Games Today

Do you want to play with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins? These classic Apple II games have all those and more! Get your game on and play these horror classics today!

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